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Collecting school payments requires a system. There are many options available to parents and the community when they need to pay for fees, activities, funds, and donations. Some parents want to pay online, others want to pay in-person, and some need to make payments over the phone. To complicate the process even further, parents all want the option to pay with cash, credit cards, or by check. PaySchools has created solutions for your district’s business office that makes it easy for your to manage multiple types and methods of payments seamlessly across all school site locations. With secure online tools that integrate into your existing software and systems, your district can minimize errors, maximize efficiency, and accurately report on school payment transactions.

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PaySchools Central

PaySchools Central makes school payments quick and simple. By putting the power back in the hands of parents, registration and payments are easy and accurate. Parents never have to worry about their children running out of lunch money thanks to greater control over how and when to pay. PaySchools Central’s dashboard-style website clearly lays out all important information so parents can see students’ balances immediately. The PaySchools Mobile app gives users a feature-rich, enhanced mobile experience to quickly and easily fund accounts with just a few taps. The easy account setup process does not require a credit card, so parents are up and running in minutes, and enhanced auto-replenishment means parents never have to worry about their children running out of money. What does this mean for your district? Fewer phone calls to your support staff because the system gives parents greater control over payment options, meal restrictions, site navigation, and password recovery – and a Help Portal that can assist users with most issues.

PASS: Pay At School System

PASS, the Pay At School System, provides the ability to support face-to-face transactions in-district, for any student from any school. It helps schools collects cash, check, and credit card payments (PCI compliant) for face-to-face transactions, including non-student-associated transactions like clubs and donations. With PASS, your district has the ability to look up student information, read necessary notes, view required fees, and process payments – all while speaking with a parent face-to-face. Because PASS interacts seamlessly with PaySchools Central, any fees paid in-person are also automatically reflected online. This gives our districts the ability to accept any payment, anytime, anywhere.

PaySchools helped us implement an online payment system for our summer school classes by creating a summer school “school”, allowing parents to go in and select and pay for summer classes. – Cyndi, Controller

PaySchools Events

PaySchools Events offers an online ticketing, sales, and event registration solution for schools. Replace paper forms, cash, and checks with an easy-to-use online payment and data collection service with customizable forms that can be ready to publish in a matter of minutes. PaySchools Events allows schools to offer reserved and general-admission ticketed events to students and members of the public. Event organizers can utilize unique QR codes to scan tickets and track attendance, download all collected data to Excel for flexible filtering and sorting, and have access to instantly available, detailed sales reports. Start selling tickets and managing payment collection online for your school events today.

PaySchools Events has been a great partner in helping us streamline the collection of information and online payments for challenging extracurricular activities. This partnership has led to additional protection of district staff and financial assets, while also focusing on increased convenience for our parents and students. This partnership has been a win–win for our district. – Andrew G., Treasurer/CFO

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