Nutrition Services Single Source POS Solution

Cafeteria Point of Sale

The point of sale in the cafeteria is only one part of the process of managing meal purchases. Your point of sale (POS) system should be able to talk with other terminals, use a centralized database, and communicate with an online payment vehicle. Your nutrition services vendor should also be able to supply you with all the integrated point of sale hardware you need to use. A comprehensive online POS system that integrates with your student information system, can seamlessly operate when offline, and can easily be accessed by parents via an online portal can help you avoid communication and accuracy issues.

QuikLunch – Cafeteria Point of Sale

QuikLunch is our easy-to-use point-of-sale (POS) application. This solution was designed for cafeterias to quickly and easily accept payments while integrating with your SIS and other district software. QuikLunch is run on a web-based cloud computing platform, and provides complete centralized management of your district’s POS.

QuikApps – Meal Status Application

QuikApps is a free or reduced-cost meal application tracking system, powered by PaySchools. This system provides an efficient way to process multi-family meal applications. Fully integrated with QuikLunch, QuikApps allows applications to be entered from the central district office, or from individual sites.

Cafeteria Hardware

When it comes to your school’s Nutrition Services Department, cafeteria payment collection is no small task. It takes several hardware components and software modules working together to get the job done efficiently and accurately. For this reason, PaySchools developed a single-source solution to seamlessly handle all your school’s hardware and software needs.

Increase efficiencies, accuracy
and communication.